Frequently Asked Questions.

Will CityBlast publish content on my friends' walls/accounts?

No. CityBlast Experts only post to your account(s). You friends can see the updates, just as if you've written them yourself.

Can CityBlast publish to my Facebook Fan Page?

Yes. The CityBlast Experts can update your Fanpage, and in fact, we encourage it! Simply register as normal, and activate any Fanpage you administer in your personal settings.

I've heard you shouldn't market or 'sell' via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn represent today's greatest opportunity to reach our network with reminders that you are a real estate pro and your doors are open. By using added-value content, focused on giving your friends valuable and interesting real estate information, you are passively and thoughtfully keeping your network focused on you, rather than 'selling' to them. When they are interested in buying, they will turn to you first.

Can I publish to Facebook, but not Twitter and LinkedIn, or vice versa?

Yes. CityBlast Experts can post to any combination of your accounts.

Can I publish to my website?

Unfortunately at this time CityBlast does not support updates to your personal website.

What if I don't see my posts?

Members should ensure that they are looking on their wall, and not their news feed. To access the wall, simply log in to Facebook, and click on your own name in the top right section of the site header.

Can I turn off CityBlast?

Yes. You can ask our Experts to stop posting at any time by simply accessing your settings at

Does CityBlast have access to my Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn passwords?

No. The CityBlast Experts only have the ability to perform the functions described. CityBlast does not have access to your login information or passwords.

Will my friends feel like I am publishing content too often?

You have control over how often we post on your behalf. You should publish your own personal content as you normally would, as well as professional added-value content via CityBlast to your social media accounts.

Will I publish the same thing as other members, or at the same time?

No. Our Experts go to great lengths to ensure that no two members publish the same updates at the same time. Although, on some rare occasions, some posts in certain markets (typically small cities) may be similar, we go to great lengths to ensure that the content is different for each and every user.

Is there a limit to how many members may sign up in my City?

style="margin-top: 6px;"Yes. CityBlast limits the number of members allowed in each City using a careful algorithm related to Facebook publishing and member overlap. CityBlast uses this algorithm and limit to keep the service exclusive and maximize return for our members. When there are no more spaces available in your City, you may request to join the waiting list.

Will CityBlast post branded content, or content featuring another mortgage professional?

No. CityBlast does not post branded content from other members or mortgage companies.

How locally-focused is CityBlast?

It depends on your market. If you are in a major market, CityBlast content will be more geographically focused on a smaller area. As a simple rule: where the number of users on the service is higher, CityBlast will always be more geographically defined.

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