Frequently Asked Questions.

Will my Social Expert publish content on my friends' walls/accounts?

No. Your Expert only posts to your account. Your friends can see the updates on your timeline, just as if you've written them yourself.

Can my Social Expert publish to my Facebook Business Page?

Yes. Your Expert will be happy to publish to your Business Page. Simply register as normal, and activate any Page you administer in your personal settings.

I've heard you shouldn't market or 'sell' via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn represent today's greatest opportunity to reach your network with reminders that you are an agent and your doors are open. By using added-value content, focused on giving your friends valuable and interesting real estate information, you are passively and thoughtfully keeping your network focused on you, rather than 'selling' to them. When they are interested in buying, they will turn to you first.

How often does my Expert update my account(s)?

You choose! Your Social Expert can be instructed to post from 1 to 7 times per week in your Settings.

Can I publish to Facebook, but not Twitter and LinkedIn, or vice versa?

Yes. Your Expert will be happy to publish to any combination of your accounts that you choose.

Can I publish to my website?

Unfortunately at this time our Social Experts do not support updates to your personal website.

How much does it cost to Blast of one of my listings?

Blasting and all other features of CityBlast are included with your Membership at no extra cost. Enjoy!

Are the other agents' listings featured on my accounts permitted to be advertised?

Yes. When entering a listing Blast, CityBlast members agree that they are granting permission to advertise the listing and that they are working on behalf of the seller.

How many times does my property Blast go out?

Individual property Blasts are published for up to 2 weeks before being retired.

What do I do once I have an incoming lead from a listing I have published?

Simply look up the property information on, or your local board's listing service, and follow up with information or to book showings with your prospect.

Can I Blast an exclusive listing, that is not on my board's listing service?

Yes. Any property offering a standard cooperating commission may be featured on CityBlast.

Can I feature a link to a virtual tour or my website in my Blast?

No. No outside links or contact information are permitted within the content of property Blasts.

Can I get a Social Expert working for me, but not use the Blasting feature? Vice versa?

Absolutely! Use whatever tools you like, and however you choose. It's all included for your benefit.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

To explore how CityBlast can help you manage your social media accounts, simply sign-up and test at no cost for two weeks. We'll quickly get our staff to work posting expert real estate updates to your accounts. If you like the service, after 14 days we'll begin whichever payment plan you've chosen.

How much does membership cost?

CityBlast offers various pricing plans. Please see them here.

Can I upgrade my plans at any time?

Yes! You can upgrade your account at any time from your CityBlast dashboard or by contacting us. Visit our pricing plans page for more information.

What subscription options do I have for CityBlast?

CityBlast offers monthly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions. For monthly subscriptions, there are no term-length commitments. For more information, see the pricing plans page.

What support do you provide?

All CityBlast members can contact customer service at any time. Our office hours are Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST, and real humans are on standby to help at 1-888-712-7888 or via email at!

Which platforms are supported?

We currently support: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payments online by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

What type of posts does my Expert publish to my account(s)?

Whatever kind you want! You can choose from over 15 different categories of content, and tailor your posts to suit your own personal style. Your Expert does the rest, by finding and posting only the types of content you've selected.

What if I don't see my posts?

Members should ensure that they are checking for posts on their own timeline, and not their News Feed. To access your timeline, simply log in to Facebook, and click on your own name in the top right section of the site header.

Can I stop and resume posts at any time?

Yes. You can request that your Expert pause or stop your postings at any time by simply accessing your Settings.

Does CityBlast or my Social Expert have access to my Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn passwords?

No. CityBlast only has the ability to post to your account. Your Expert and do not have access to your login information or passwords, and can not see your private account info.

Will my friends feel like I am publishing content too often?

You have control over how often you publish. You should publish your own personal content as you normally would, as well as professional added-value content via CityBlast to your social media accounts. Tailor the types of content and posting frequency in your Settings panel.

Will I publish the same thing as other agents, or at the same time?

No. Your Expert posts your own custom content to your account(s). Your content will never be the same as anyone else's.

How locally-focused is CityBlast?

It depends on your market. If you are in a major market, CityBlast content will be more geographically focused on a smaller area. As a simple rule: where the number of agents on the service is higher, CityBlast will always be more geographically defined.

What if I get a lead that I prefer not to deal with personally?

If you get a lead that you'd rather not work personally, refer them to someone in your office in exchange for a referral fee. It won't cost you any time, and you'll still gain from having created the business.

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