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Total Social Media Posts

It's pretty simple. At CityBlast we only do one thing: social media posts. In fact, we've done 1,391,696 of them.

And when you do something that many times, you tend to get pretty good at it.


Total Social Media Reach

We post updates to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, so our members don't have to. And we've helped thousands of agents and brokerages across North America improve their social media presence by providing expert, consistent content that their friends and followers love.


CityBlast's Total Post Reads

Did you know that CityBlast reaches over 3 TIMES more potential buyers and sellers every day through social media than Zillow, Trulia, NAR and AirBnB combined?

Our posted articles have been read over 13,599,047 times.


Total Leads Generated

CityBlast has helped more real estate agents generate more leads though social media than any other company on the planet! has sent out 392,487* automatic buyer leads to our members, from the website alone. We've also generated 291,223 leads on our members' Facebook Pages, and today alone, our posts will be seen by over 5,073,102 potential buyers and sellers.


CityBlast Unique Visitors

And we've sold a property or two in our day, also. In fact, 1,289,666 potential buyers have viewed properties for sale on CityBlast.

That's an average of 3,533 people every single day. A whole lot of real estate browsing.


Revenue Generated

And for those who like a "dollars and cents" approach, based on recent data provided by the National Association of Realtors, we estimate that we'll generate over $44,743,518 in commissions for our members in this calendar year.

Simply put, CityBlast has helped more real estate agents find more new clients though social media than any other company on the planet. Period.

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