Let’s Talk API

Are you a service provider for the Real Estate or Mortgage Industry? Then the CityBlast API might be right for you.

The CityBlast API let's you seamlessly integrate all of the great functions of CityBlast into your CMS, listing service, broker website, third-party web service, and more.

What You Can Do with the API

The CityBlast API allows you to sync your database with CityBlast for easier or automated Listing, Blasting and Posting management. Automatically create new listings, add a CityBlast feed to your website, access your Dashboard statistics, link campaign stats to your database, remotely add new members or adjust your Experts' posting instructions, and more.

Our API offers in-depth documentation and how-to-documents, and a great deal of the data and functionality within our web application is accessible, so the integration possibilities are limitless.

Need Help?

Not a programmer? Not a problem. We can help you develop custom integrations for your company or website. Simply email us at info@cityblast.com with your request, and someone from our professional services team will contact you.

Get Started.

You'll need an API key and an API secret something our professional services team would be happy to help with!

Seamlessly integrate all of the great functions of CityBlast. Get Involved.