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Your average agent has 550+ followers on social media Imagine being able to reach those followers for recruitment


Untapped Audience

Team Size


Team Size

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Recruitment Meets Automation

Imagine growing your brokaerage using your agents to recruit their friends, family and followers every month, through social media. Starting at a crazy low cost of $8/agent Recruit. Retain. Grow.
Automate Your Recruitment

Expand Your Recruitment To A Larger Audience

Connect and gain a wider audience with your agent’s friends and followers.

  • Post Custom Recruitment Material Automatically
  • Gain More Followers
  • Relevant, Unique Content

Grow Your Followers And Achieve More Deal Flow Through Facebook

Our experts ensure you agents’ pages are professional and up-to-date with the latest content

  • Guaranteed Reach
  • Boosted SEO Rankings
  • Larger Audience = More Prospects
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I Didn't Even Lift A Finger.

"It was a struggle to post everyday. Investing in a team of social experts was the best move for my business. They've helped me grow!"

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Rival With The Competition And Be The Industry Giant

Your Brokerage has the potential to rival the largest audiences in real estate. Our experts can help you get there.

The Heart Of Your Social Media

The Heart Of Your Social Media Cityblast gives you all the power of 100 enterprise-level content writters starting at a low monthly cost of $99.

  • Local Content & Listings Posted To Your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Branded Bar Prospect Generation Tool
  • Choose From 15 Types Of Commercial Real Estate Content
The Heart Of Your Social Media

Most Common Questions

Stll Have Questions? We Have Answers. If you don’t see your answer here feel free to email or call 1-888-712-7888

Why should I use CityBlast instead of an in-house Social Media Manager?

CityBlast is your in-house social media manager! In fact, it's like having 10 in-house social media managers working for you around the clock creating industry-leading, social media content. Your Social Expert can even help market your listings by sharing them with our network of realtors in your local area. Try it out for free, and you'll understand!

Which methods of payment do you accept and is it secure?

We currently accept payments online by Visa, Mastercard and American Express. CityBlast uses industry best practices, and partners with top firms (including Stripe), to ensure the security of sensitive data. Credit card information is encrypted with SSL (secure socket layers), is not stored on CityBlast servers and is only used to verify billing info.

What type of content does my Social Expert post?

You're in total control! We have a wide range of topics related to real-estate that you can choose from, such as Local News, Beautiful Homes & Gardens, and Tips & Guides for Clients (plus a lot more!). To choose, on your Dashboard go to Settings and then /Content. That's where you can customize exactly what content you want to see.

How does the 7-day free trial work and where do I sign up?

To experience the impact of CityBlast's social media management on your business, simply sign-up and try the full service for absolutely no cost! If you like it (and we're positive you will), after 7 days we'll begin whichever payment plan you've chosen!

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